A galaxy of opportunities

At the opening of the Age of Cygnus, a great era of commerce begins. Traders ply this vast frontier, transporting cargo between planetary systems, discovering markets, and establishing trade routes. Newly graduated from Trade Academy, you have the option to chart a career path among the stars. As a mix of space mariner, smuggler, or pirate, you collect the crew members, star maps, equipment, and contacts to succeed in the unforgiving void of space. Friends and foes are everywhere, and trust is often based on loyalty to profit.


Choose your Species

AI Species Captain


AI beings are driven and possess a vast intelligence and insatiable curiosity. Pity some other species doubt their sapience and hunt them for their hard-earned computing core.

Cerebellum Species Captain


Haughy scions of the mighty Cerebellum Empire, cerebs lay claim to a legacy that stretches back to the ancient spacefarers who colonized the Galaxy and invented the Jump gates.

Mustelan Species Captain


Hardy semi-aquatic go-getters from the small system of Riparia, Mustelans have long been known for being quiet and industrious. They came into the galactic spotlight due to a plucky race pilot named Neekoi Vole.

Unannounced Species Captain


This species is still being developed... stay tuned for more information as we approach release!

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